How we do it

Social Media Connect is a platform that organizes different social media events that help creates awareness and positive impact on individuals and organizations.

The overall goal is to generate a conversation that adds value to the economy and at the same time help achieve vision 2030.

The events include training, career fair, open forum/talks, cocktails, dinners etc Social Media connect platform also works with the SOMA awards to help annual nominees and winners repackage and transform personal and corporate brands in order to positively impact the bottom line.

  • Highlight and iteratively enhance the impact of Social Media on economic empowerment
  • Create a pipeline of job and entrepreneurship opportunities in social media
  • Sensitize the youth on job opportunities in Social media
  • Promote the positive use of social media
  • 17 HTML pages

Target audience:

  • Corporate organizations
  • National & County governments
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Learning institutions