Social Media Connect is a platform that organizes dierent social media events that help create awareness and positive impact on individuals and organizations. The events include training, career fair, open forum/talks, cocktails, dinners etc.

Digital Agency Edition

SOMA Connect Digital agency edition will focus on bringing together Digital marketing agencies to share local and global best case practices, evaluate opportunities and challenges faced in the market and at the same time explore growth opportunities.

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Campus Edition

The SOMA Connect Campus edition will be hosted by the winner of #OLXSOMA2016 learning institution category. This category will bring out the relevance of Social media to learning institutions and how students can benefit from Social Media. This event will be held on 26th October 2016.

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Nakuru Edition

SOMA Connect Nakuru edition is the end of year SOMA Connect event that will highlight key achievements and contribution of social media to individuals and organizations and at the same time project possible 2017 scenarios.

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